Festival Peace of Mind

Whether you're a certified rave mom, rave dad, rave baby, or somewhere in between, you'll never have to stress about losing your friends at a festival again.

❎ No Internet or LTE

💬 Send Messages

♾️ Unlimited Pairing

✨ Customizable Party Mode

🔋 24 Hour Battery

🔓 App Unlocks Even More

Got a Side Quester? Schedule Conflict?
We Got You!

No Internet or LTE

Stay Connected, Wander Freely

No Service, No Problem: Stay connected with your crew, even when the cell towers aren't there for you.

Side Quester Approved! Tested at Shambhala, Burning Man, Coachella, and Beyond Wonderland, so you'll have peace of mind wherever you are.

App Enabled

Choose Your Own Adventure

Customize Your Compass: Choose your color or add your own message like, "I'm peaking bro!"

Send DMs to Your Rave Fam: Send direct or group messages to anyone in your crew through the app, no service or internet required!

Detailed Map View: Want a different view of where everyone is? Use the app to get the location of everyone!

Your Next Rave Must Have

Your Personal, Digital, Totem

Send Messages: With the press of a button, send alerts to your friends and let them know when you've found that perfect set!

No Festival is Too Big: The more Crowd Compasses in the area, the longer the range! Using the mesh network technology, you're covered on all your adventures.

Unlimited Pairing: Pair with you and your rave bae or your entire rave fam, no limit!

Less than 3oz

Compass Your Way

Customize Your Look: Enter Party Mode and give your outfit a boost with lights and color!

Replaceable Batteries: Simply swap new batteries for a full recharge! Never panic about recharging time.

Moneyback Guarantee: Shop worry free with our Crowd Compass Money Back Guarantee!

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Hear From Our Beta Testers!

Some early prototypes pictured below

How It Works

Who We Are

We're just a couple of ravers building something for the community. Read on to learn more!

Our Team


How do I use it?

Use it like a compass. Hold the device parallel to the ground, pick the friend (color) you want to meet up with, and walk towards that person. Your location is the center of the device, so the dots on the edge of the device are farther away from you. The dots on the right of the device are in the direction to your right, those on the left are on your left, and so on. The Crowd Compass will automatically update as you rotate the device and as you and your friends move around. Check out our How-To section here.

My festival is pretty big / small. Will it still work?

Yup! There are different range modes you can switch between to zoom in or out. So you can find someone at the same stage as you or on the other side of the festival. The exact range ultimately depends on how many Crowd Compasses there are in the area (the more the better) and if there's big obstacles in the way (a big hill or metal building will decrease the range). Even if there's just two though, you'll be covered at most major festivals!

How do I know how far my friends are?

Two ways:

First, you'll see your crew's relative distance to you on the face of your device. You're in the center, and the farther from the center the other LEDs are, the farther away they are from you. There are four rings around the center, each ring is another level farther away from you.

Second, the device will tell you how far the farthest ring is. So if you change the zoom, the device might read "3 Miles" indicating that the dots on the outer rim are three miles away, everyone inside the outer rim is less than three miles. You can control the zoom to use the different ranges to find everyone in your crew.

What if everyone at the festival has one? Will I see them all?

Nope. You and your friends pair your devices together, so you only see each other.

Will this work in big crowds? Will the signal get jammed if everyone has one at a festival?

Crowd Compass technology is made to handle big crowds. We chose a radio frequency that travels well in big crowds, plus the mesh network is designed so the devices will actually work better the more people have one (the opposite of your phone!). The frequency is also different to the one used by medical and security staff comms (i.e. walkie talkies), so we don't interfere with their important work.

We have more details here.

How many people can I pair with?

As many as you want! If it's just you and your rave bae or a crew of 420 of your closest friends, you're good to go once you're synced up!

What's the battery life?

24+ hours. They use replaceable batteries.

You'll also be able to see your battery life on the screen of the device.

Why replaceable batteries?

The feedback we got from our early testers was that they often forgot to charge the device overnight, and it was a scramble to charge them later on. It was much easier to swap AA batteries in the device and have peace of mind with a full battery.

How does it work without internet?

It uses 915 MHz radio waves that connect the devices together to create a mesh network. I'm just the website guy so that's the best I can explain it, but if you want more details, click here.

You can send messages too?

Yup! Push the middle button on your device and you can choose from several different notifications (such as "Come find me" or "Coming to you"). Long press the button to send that message to everyone in your group. Everyone else's device in your group will flash your color and display that message (hopefully because you found a sick set and want them all to come find you!). And yes, this too works without internet or LTE!

Will you have accessories?

Yes! We'll have accessories that will let you wear it as a watch, necklace, or clip it to your belt, bag, or outfit.

Can I make the lights do cool things?

Great question, caller! Yes, we'll have a party mode in the Compass as well. When you're not using your Crowd Compass to find your friends, you can switch to party mode and the lights will dance. You can also control the pattern and colors you see in party mode to make Crowd Compass part of your outfit!

Messages sent to you will still be shown, even when you're in party mode.

How long have you been doing this for?

We've been making LED rave gear for our own personal use for years (see: Light Suit Guy!)

We've been working on Crowd Compass for a few years as well. Development and testing started in 2020-2023, and the first public testing was done at Shambhala in 2023. This was when we realized we had something pretty cool and announced it to the world! We've continued to gather feedback and further develop the product since.

You have an app too? Does the Compass need a phone?

Yes we'll be releasing a Crowd Compass Companion app, but no, you do not need the app for your Compass to work. The app will unlock a bunch of extra features and customizations, including direct messaging with your crew without LTE!

How much? And when can I purchase?

Pre-Sales have been announced!

  • March 15th: $99.95/compass (60% off, save $144 each) - SOLD OUT in 30 minutes!
  • March 29th: $131.99/compass (45% off, save $108 each) - SOLD OUT in 20 minutes!
  • Next pre sale is May 28th at 10am PST, price is $155.99 each. Sign up for our newsletter for the early access code!
  • Retail Price: $239.99 for one compass, but if you buy a pack with your rave fam, the per unit price will be much less than that.

Sign up to our newsletter for early access to the next pre sale!

For the pre-sale, you'll have the option to put a deposit down and pay the rest before we ship to you (deposit will count to the total price)

When will they be shipped?

We're on track for shipping in July and August. It will be a tiered approach based on first purchase, first shipped. So if you purchased in Pre Sale 1 or 2, your order will be shipped at the front of the line.

If you haven't ordered yet, and you make a purchase today, your order will likely ship in August.

As it's our first production run, it's tough to say a date for sure, but we send out regular updates to everyone who made a purchase. Our goal is to always be honest and transparent with you as we go!

What if it doesn't work?

It works! It's been tested and Shambhala and Burning Man and the technology performs well.

If however, something goes wrong (it doesn't work for you, you don't like it, etc.) after you purchase, you can get 100% of your money back with our Crowd Compass Guarantee.

I purchased a pre-sale order, what now?

First off, thank-you! We're excited you're amongst the first!

You should have received an order confirmation email after your purchase (that means all is good!). You can expect some email updates throughout the coming weeks, and we'll keep you updated on our progress in getting your order together and expected shipping timelines.

If you need to change something about your order (payment card, address, etc.), get in touch with our customer service at info@crowdcompass.io.

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Pre Sale discounts will not last long! Currently tracking to ship in July & August.