Pre Sale Policy


I. Introduction

A. Purpose of the Pre-sale Policy

At Crowd Compass, we ensure transparency, fairness, and reliability in all our transactions. This Pre-sale Policy is a comprehensive guide outlining the terms and conditions governing pre-sale activities for our esteemed customers. This policy's primary purpose is to clarify the pre-sale process, including the collection of deposits, charging of remaining balances, communication practices, and customer rights and responsibilities. By establishing clear guidelines, we aim to foster customer trust and confidence while facilitating a seamless pre-sale experience.

B. Scope and Applicability

This Pre-sale Policy applies to all pre-sale transactions conducted by Crowd Compass for our upcoming products and to all customers participating in our pre-sale events through our Shopify platform. Whether you are a new or returning customer, this policy governs your interaction with Crowd Compass during the pre-sale period. All customers must familiarize themselves with the terms outlined herein to ensure a mutual understanding of rights and obligations.


II. Pre-sale Process

B. Pre-sale Deposit

1. Collection of Deposit

To reserve a unit of the upcoming product during the pre-sale period, customers must provide a $20 deposit per unit. This deposit is a commitment to purchase and secures the customer's place in the pre-sale queue. The deposit amount is communicated to customers during the checkout process on our Shopify platform.

2. Non-refundable Nature of Deposit

Customers must understand that the pre-sale deposit is non-refundable. This means that once the deposit is collected, it will not be returned to the customer under any circumstances. We emphasize this policy throughout the purchase process to ensure full transparency and effectively manage customer expectations.

3. Customer Cancellation Policy

While the pre-sale deposit is non-refundable, customers can cancel their order before the remaining balance is charged. In such cases, customers will not be charged the remaining balance but will forfeit the initial deposit. This policy is communicated clearly to customers, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their pre-sale reservations.

C. Remaining Balance

Once the pre-sale period concludes and the product is ready to be shipped, customers will be notified to complete their purchase by paying the remaining balance. The remaining balance includes the full purchase price of the product, including any applicable taxes and fees. Customers are informed of this requirement throughout the pre-sale process to ensure preparedness for the final payment.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Shipping Date Communication: While we do not specify an exact shipping date during the pre-sale process, customers are informed of any updates or changes regarding the estimated shipping timeline. Clear communication channels are maintained to provide customers with timely updates on the status of their pre-sale orders.
  2. Platform Utilization: The pre-sale process is conducted exclusively through our Shopify platform, ensuring a secure and streamlined transaction process for our customers. Our platform has robust security measures to safeguard customer data and facilitate hassle-free transactions.
  3. Notification System: Customers receive timely notifications before the remaining balance is charged to their designated payment method. These notifications serve as reminders and allow customers to manage their payment preferences accordingly. 

C. Shipping Details

1. Lack of Specified Ship Date

While we aim to provide estimated shipping timelines, it's important to note that we do not specify an exact ship date during the pre-sale period due to factors such as manufacturing processes, logistical considerations, and unforeseen circumstances. This lack of a specified ship date allows us the flexibility to ensure the highest quality standards are met before dispatching products to our valued customers.

We understand that customers may be concerned about the uncertainty of the shipping timeline. However, we assure our customers that our team works diligently to expedite the production and shipping process while maintaining the integrity of the product. This approach allows us to deliver a superior product to our customers without compromising quality.

2. Notification of Shipping

As part of our commitment to keeping our customers informed throughout the pre-sale process, we provide timely notifications regarding the status of their orders, including updates on shipping. Once the product is ready to be dispatched, customers will receive a notification informing them of the imminent shipment.

These notifications are sent via email or through the Shopify platform, depending on the customer's contact preferences. Additionally, customers can track the status of their shipment using the provided tracking information, allowing them to stay updated on the delivery progress.

III. Terms of Sale

A. Contract Formation

At Crowd Compass, a contract is formed when a customer places a pre-sale order through our Shopify platform and pays the required deposit. The customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in our pre-sale policy by completing the order process. This includes acknowledging the non-refundable nature of the deposit, understanding the payment process for the remaining balance, and agreeing to the lack of a specified ship date. Our pre-sale policy serves as the governing document that establishes the rights and obligations of both Crowd Compass and the customer throughout the pre-sale transaction.

B. Pricing

The pricing for the pre-sale product is communicated to customers during the checkout process on our Shopify platform. The total cost includes the $20 non-refundable deposit per unit and any applicable taxes and fees. We strive to ensure transparency in pricing by providing customers with a detailed breakdown of costs before they confirm their pre-sale order. Customers must review the pricing information carefully and understand their financial commitment before purchasing.

C. Taxes

Crowd Compass adheres to all applicable tax laws and regulations governing e-commerce transactions within the United States. The total price displayed during the pre-sale checkout process includes any relevant taxes and fees. Customers can rest assured that they are being charged the appropriate taxes in accordance with their location and the relevant tax jurisdiction.

D. Product Availability

While we strive to meet customer demand during the pre-sale period, product availability is subject to limitations based on factors such as production capacity and inventory levels. Customers are encouraged to place their pre-sale orders early to secure their desired units, as availability may be limited. In the event that a product becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Crowd Compass will communicate promptly with affected customers and provide suitable alternatives or refunds as necessary. 

E. Payment

Payment for pre-sale orders consists of the non-refundable deposit and the remaining balance. The $20 deposit per unit is collected during order placement to secure the customer's reservation. The remaining balance, which includes the full purchase price of the product along with taxes and fees, will be charged to the customer's payment method on file before shipping. Customers receive notification before the remaining balance is charged, allowing them to prepare for the final payment. Our payment process is conducted securely through Shopify, ensuring the protection of customer payment information and facilitating a seamless transaction experience.

F. Payment Methods

At Crowd Compass, we offer a variety of payment methods to accommodate the preferences and convenience of our customers. Accepted payment methods for pre-sale orders include major credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment options supported by Shopify. Customers can select their preferred payment method during checkout and securely enter their payment information to complete the transaction. 

G. Order Modification and Cancellation

Crowd Compass understands that circumstances may change, and customers may need to modify or cancel their pre-sale orders. To facilitate flexibility and customer satisfaction, we provide the following guidelines for order modification and cancellation:

  • Modification: Customers can request alterations to their pre-sale orders, such as changing the quantity of units reserved or updating shipping information, within a specified timeframe. Customers should contact our customer support team directly to request modifications, providing relevant order details and the desired changes. While we strive to accommodate modification requests whenever possible, availability may be subject to limitations based on order status and inventory levels.
  • Cancellation: As communicated throughout the purchase process, customers have the option to cancel their pre-sale orders before the remaining balance is charged. Upon cancellation, customers will not be charged the remaining balance but will forfeit the non-refundable deposit per unit. Customers can initiate the cancellation process through their account on the Shopify platform or by contacting our customer support team directly to cancel an order. We process cancellation requests promptly and confirm with customers once the cancellation is complete.

IV. Customer Communication

A. Notification Practices

At Crowd Compass, we prioritize clear and timely communication with our customers throughout the pre-sale process. Our notification practices are designed to keep customers informed and updated on important developments regarding their pre-sale orders. The following outlines our notification practices:

  1. Order Confirmation: Upon successfully placing a pre-sale order, customers receive an order confirmation email or notification through the Shopify platform. This confirmation includes details of the reserved product, the non-refundable deposit amount, and instructions for managing the order.
  2. Payment Reminder: Customers receive a notification before the remaining balance is charged to their designated payment method. This notification serves as a reminder to prepare for the final payment and ensures that customers know about the impending charge.
  3. Shipping Notification: Once the product is ready to be shipped, customers receive a notification informing them of the imminent shipment. This notification includes tracking information, allowing customers to monitor the delivery status of their pre-sale orders.
  4. Updates and Announcements: Throughout the pre-sale period, Crowd Compass may send additional notifications to customers to provide updates or announcements related to the pre-sale event. These notifications may include information about product enhancements, changes to the pre-sale timeline, or other relevant updates.
B. Customer Support

At Crowd Compass, we understand the importance of accessible and responsive customer support, especially during pre-sale events. Our dedicated customer support team is committed to assisting customers with any inquiries, concerns, or issues they may encounter throughout the pre-sale process. The following outlines our customer support policies:

  1. Contact Channels: Customers can reach our customer support team through various contact channels, including email, live chat support on our website, and direct messaging through the Shopify platform. We strive to provide multiple avenues for customers to conveniently access support and assistance.
  2. Response Time: We prioritize prompt responses to customer inquiries and aim to address customer concerns promptly. Our customer support team endeavors to respond to inquiries promptly and efficiently, ensuring that customers receive the assistance they need without undue delay.
  3. Resolution of Issues: When customers encounter issues or challenges with their pre-sale orders, our customer support team diligently resolves the issues to the customer's satisfaction. Whether it involves order modifications, addressing payment concerns, or providing updates on order status, we are committed to finding solutions that meet the needs of our customers.