Our Team

Chief Tinkerer

Chris aka "Light Suit Guy"

I invented Crowd Compass out of a need: I couldn't find Colton, and he's terrible at texting. Clearly there's a better, more fun way to get lost and found, I figured. My background is software engineering, and I've self taught most of my hardware skills through building my light suit, a few other projects, and now Crowd Compass. I'm stoked to bring this product to life with you. We have big plans and exciting times ahead, hoping you can come along for the ride!

The Crowd Compass Story

Chief of Getting Stuff Done

Colton aka "Rave Dave"

I've been to lots of festivals, but I fell in love with EDM and the rave community when Chris took me to my first Shambhala. So it's quite fitting that we get to work together on Crowd Compass all these years later. My job here is to be the driving force behind our operations, bring order into some of the chaos, and keep us fun and efficient. In my spare time I like heavy bass, a good glass of rosé, jiu jitsu, and a bright Hawaiian shirt (maybe not all at the same time).

The Crowd Compass Story

Chief of Customer Connections

Nick aka "Neeko"

Over the past 5 years the festival world has become a huge part of my life, and I don't see that ever changing - Bonnaroo is home. I take care of the Social Media Engagement, Customer Service, Ambassador Program, and much more. If you've messaged or commented on our pages, you've more than likely talked to me! It's been quite the journey so far, and I'm happy to be helping in creating a more immersive festival experience for you all!

The Crowd Compass Story