Extended Warranty Agreement



A. Purpose of the Agreement

This extended Warranty Agreement provides our valued customers extended coverage for their Crowd Compass products, ensuring peace of mind and continued product satisfaction. It outlines the terms and conditions under which Crowd Compass will offer extended warranty services beyond the standard warranty period. By opting for the extended warranty, customers can safeguard their investment and enjoy an extended protection period against potential defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

B. Effective Date

This Extended Warranty Agreement becomes effective when the customer purchases the extended warranty plan. The coverage period commences from the date of product delivery. It is valid for the duration the customer selects at the time of purchase—either six months or 12 months. Customers should retain their purchase receipt and warranty documentation, as these will be required for any warranty claims and to verify the effective date.

C. Parties Involved

This Agreement applies to two primary parties:

Crowd Compass Inc. (the "Provider"): Crowd Compass Inc. is responsible for providing the extended warranty services as detailed in this agreement. This includes repairing or replacing defective parts, labor costs associated with repairs, and replacing products deemed irreparable.

The Customer: The Customer is the original purchaser of the Crowd Compass product and the extended warranty plan. The Customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and to fulfill their obligations, including proper maintenance and usage of the product and adhering to the claims procedure in case of a defect or malfunction.

By purchasing an extended warranty, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions specified herein, ensuring they receive extended protection for their Crowd Compass product and that Crowd Compass delivers the promised warranty services efficiently and effectively.



A. Coverage Period: The extended warranty coverage period begins on the date of delivery of the Crowd Compass product and continues for the duration selected by the customer—6 months or 12 months. This extended period is in addition to the standard warranty provided at the time of purchase, allowing customers to extend their protection and enjoy continued peace of mind. Customers should note the start and end dates of their extended warranty period, which will be critical when making any claims.

B. Scope of Coverage: The extended warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, providing comprehensive protection for Crowd Compass products. The coverage includes the following aspects:

Defects in Materials and Workmanship: This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship that may arise during the extended coverage period. It ensures that any issues due to faulty materials or poor craftsmanship will be addressed, ensuring the product performs as expected.

Repair or Replacement Options:

Repair of Defective Parts: If a defect is identified, Crowd Compass will repair the defective parts to restore the product’s proper functioning. This includes all labor costs associated with the repair process, ensuring that customers do not incur additional expenses for the service.

Replacement of Defective Parts or Product: If the defective parts cannot be repaired or the product is deemed irreparable, Crowd Compass will replace the defective parts or the entire product at its discretion. The replacement product or parts will be of equal or similar specifications, ensuring customers receive a product that meets or exceeds the performance of the original item.

The scope of coverage ensures that customers receive timely and effective solutions to any defects that may occur, allowing them to continue using their Crowd Compass products with confidence. Customers should follow the claims procedure outlined in this agreement to initiate repairs or replacements, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution to any issues covered under this warranty.

C. Services Included: The extended warranty offered by Crowd Compass encompasses a range of services designed to address any defects in materials and workmanship. The services provided under this warranty ensure that customers receive comprehensive support and effective solutions to maintain the optimal functionality of their products. The included services are as follows:

Repair or Replacement of Defective Parts

Repair of Defective Parts: When a defect in materials or workmanship is identified, Crowd Compass will undertake the necessary repairs to restore the defective parts to their proper functioning. This ensures that the product continues to perform as expected, maintaining its reliability and efficiency.

Replacement of Defective Parts: If a defective part cannot be effectively repaired, Crowd Compass will replace it with a new or refurbished part of equal or better specifications. This replacement ensures that the product continues to operate at its intended performance level.

Labor Costs for Repairs: This extended warranty covers all labor costs associated with repairing defective parts. This includes any diagnostic work required to identify the issue and the labor involved in the repair or replacement process. Customers will not incur additional labor charges for services performed under the warranty, providing financial relief and assurance of no hidden costs.

Product Replacement if Irreparable: In instances where the product is deemed irreparable, Crowd Compass will replace the entire product with a new or refurbished unit of equal or superior specifications. This replacement ensures that customers receive a product that meets or exceeds the performance of the original item. The decision to replace the product will be at the discretion of Crowd Compass, based on a thorough evaluation of the defect and the feasibility of repair.

D. Exclusions: While the extended warranty offered by Crowd Compass provides comprehensive coverage for defects in materials and workmanship, certain types of damage and conditions are not covered under this warranty. These exclusions ensure clarity and set realistic expectations regarding what the warranty does and does not cover. The specific exclusions are as follows:

Damage from Accidents, Misuse, or Negligence

Accidents: Damage from accidental events, such as drops, spills, or impacts, is not covered under the extended warranty. This type of damage is typically a result of unforeseen incidents that fall outside the normal use and care of the product.

Misuse: Any damage caused by using the product in a manner not intended by the manufacturer, including but not limited to using it for purposes other than its designed function, is excluded from coverage. Misuse can lead to premature wear or failure of the product, which is not covered by the warranty.

Negligence: Damage resulting from neglect, such as failure to follow the product's maintenance instructions or exposure to harmful environments (e.g., excessive moisture, extreme temperatures), is not covered. Negligence can significantly impact the product’s performance and lifespan.

Unauthorized Modifications or Repairs

Modifications: Any alterations or modifications made to the product that are not authorized or performed by Crowd Compass or its designated service providers void the warranty. Such modifications can compromise the product’s integrity and functionality.

Repairs: Repairs conducted by unauthorized personnel or service centers are not covered under the extended warranty. Unauthorized repairs can lead to improper handling or installation of parts, which can cause further damage or compromise safety.

Normal Wear and Tear: The extended warranty does not cover damage or deterioration from normal wear and tear. This includes gradual degradation of parts due to regular use, such as minor scratches, dents, or fading. Wear and tear is an expected outcome of prolonged product usage and is not considered a defect.

Consumables (Batteries, Filters, Bulbs): Consumable items such as batteries, filters, bulbs, and other items that naturally diminish in performance over time are not covered under the extended warranty unless otherwise specified. These components are expected to have a limited lifespan and require periodic replacement.

External Factors (Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters): Damage caused by external factors beyond Crowd Compass's control, such as fire, flood, natural disasters, or other acts of nature, are excluded from warranty coverage. These events can cause significant damage unrelated to defects in materials or workmanship.

CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS: Customers must adhere to certain obligations to ensure the validity and effectiveness of Crowd Compass's extended warranty. These responsibilities help maintain the product's condition and facilitate a smooth warranty claims process when needed.

A. Maintenance Responsibilities

Routine Maintenance: Customers are responsible for performing regular maintenance on their product as the manufacturer recommends. This includes but is not limited to, cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting the product to ensure it remains in good working condition. Regular maintenance helps prevent issues and extends the product's lifespan.

Following Manufacturer Guidelines: Adherence to the maintenance guidelines specified in the product manual or provided by Crowd Compass is essential. Follow these guidelines to avoid damage that is not covered under the warranty.

B. Proper Use of the Product

Usage Instructions: Customers must use the product strictly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications. This includes adhering to the product manual's usage limitations or restrictions.

Environment: The product should be used and stored in appropriate environments as specified by the manufacturer. Exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or other adverse conditions can damage the product and is not covered by the warranty.

Avoiding Misuse: Customers should avoid any actions that constitute product misuse. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, using the product for unintended purposes, overloading, or subjecting it to conditions that exceed its design specifications.

C. Claims Procedure: To ensure a smooth and efficient process when making a warranty claim, customers are required to follow the specified claims procedure as follows:

Contacting Provider for Authorization:

Notification: In the event of a defect or malfunction, customers must promptly notify Crowd Compass by contacting the customer service team at info@crowdcompass.io. Timely notification ensures that the issue can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Authorization: Customers must obtain authorization from Crowd Compass before returning the product for repair or replacement. Only authorized returns may be accepted or processed, leading to delays or additional costs for the customer.

Providing Necessary Documentation:

Order Details: When contacting Crowd Compass, customers should provide their order number, proof of purchase, and a detailed issue description. This information is necessary to verify the warranty status and expedite the claims process.

Product Information: Additional documentation, such as serial numbers or photos of the defect, may be required to assess the claim. Providing accurate and complete information helps Crowd Compass determine the appropriate resolution.



The service process for Crowd Compass's extended warranty is designed to ensure that defects or product issues are resolved efficiently and satisfactorily. This section outlines the steps customers need to follow to notify Crowd Compass of defects, the expected timeline for repairs or replacements, and the responsibilities for shipping costs.

A. Notification of Defects

Prompt Reporting: Customers must notify Crowd Compass of any defects or malfunctions as soon as they are discovered. Prompt reporting ensures issues are addressed quickly, minimizing inconvenience and potential damage.

Contact Information: To report a defect, customers should contact the Crowd Compass customer service team at info@crowdcompass.io. Providing timely and accurate information helps expedite the warranty service process.

B. Repair or Replacement Timeline

Assessment of Defect: Once notified of a defect, Crowd Compass will assess the issue to determine the appropriate course of action. This may involve requesting additional information or documentation from the customer.

Repair or Replacement: Based on the assessment, Crowd Compass will repair the defective part or replace the entire product if deemed irreparable. The decision to repair or replace will be at Crowd Compass's discretion, ensuring the best solution for the customer.

Timely Resolution: Crowd Compass aims to resolve warranty claims within a reasonable timeframe. While the exact timeline may vary depending on the nature of the defect and the availability of replacement parts, customers can expect regular updates on the status of their claims.

C. Shipping Costs: The responsibilities for shipping costs are clearly defined below to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Customer Responsibility for Shipping to Service Center:

Initial Shipping: Customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping the defective product to the Crowd Compass service center. This includes any packaging and handling fees required to transport the product safely.

Shipping Instructions: Customers will receive detailed instructions on how to package and ship the product to prevent further damage during transit. Following these instructions is crucial for the effective resolution of the warranty claim.

Provider Responsibility for Return Shipping:

Return Shipping Costs: Once the defect is confirmed and the product is repaired or replaced, Crowd Compass will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer. This ensures that customers do not incur additional expenses beyond the initial shipping cost.

Secure Packaging: Crowd Compass will ensure the repaired or replacement product is securely packaged for return shipping to prevent any damage during transit.



The extended warranty provided by Crowd Compass includes specific limitations and liabilities to ensure clear understanding and fair practice. This section outlines the scope of Crowd Compass's liability, the exclusion of certain types of damages, and the non-transferable nature of the warranty.

A. Limitation of Liability

Scope of Provider’s Liability

Extent of Coverage: Crowd Compass's liability under this extended warranty is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the product. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as specified in the warranty agreement.

No Further Obligations: Crowd Compass assumes no further obligations or liabilities beyond repairing or replacing the defective product. This limitation ensures that the warranty's scope is clear and manageable.

Exclusion of Incidental or Consequential Damages

No Coverage for Indirect Damages: The extended warranty excludes coverage for incidental or consequential damages. This includes but is not limited to, any loss of use, business loss, profits, or any other indirect damages arising from the product's defect or use.

Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for incidental costs or damages not directly covered under the warranty. This exclusion helps maintain the focus and feasibility of the warranty coverage.

B. Transferability

Non-transferable Nature of Warranty

Original Purchaser Only: Crowd Compass's extended warranty is non-transferable. This means that only the original purchaser of the product is eligible for warranty coverage. The warranty cannot be transferred to subsequent owners or third parties.

Proof of Purchase: To verify eligibility, customers may be required to provide proof of purchase, such as an original receipt or order confirmation, indicating that they are the original purchaser.

Original Purchaser Clause

Clause Enforcement: The non-transferable clause is enforced to ensure the warranty is used as intended and to prevent misuse or fraud. This clause is essential to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the extended warranty program.

Customer Acknowledgement: By purchasing the extended warranty, customers acknowledge and agree to its non-transferable nature. This acknowledgment is typically part of the terms and conditions provided at the time of purchase.



The termination section outlines the conditions under which the extended warranty agreement will end. This ensures that Crowd Compass and the customer understand when and how the warranty coverage can be terminated.

A. Automatic Termination upon Expiry

Expiry of Warranty Period

Coverage Period Completion: The extended warranty automatically terminates at the end of the specified period. This period is determined based on the chosen warranty option (6, 12, or 24 months) and commences from the product's delivery date.

No Further Claims: Once the warranty period expires, no further claims can be made under this warranty. Customers are encouraged to report issues before the expiry date to ensure coverage.

No Renewal Unless Stated

Non-Renewable Nature: Unless explicitly stated in the warranty agreement, the extended warranty is non-renewable. Customers seeking additional coverage must purchase a new warranty if available.

Notification: Crowd Compass may notify customers of the impending expiration of their warranty period as a courtesy, although it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of the coverage end date.

B. Termination for Breach of Terms

Violation of Warranty Conditions

Customer Obligations: The extended warranty will terminate immediately if the customer is found to have breached any of the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty agreement. This includes but is not limited to, failure to perform routine maintenance, improper product use, or unauthorized modifications and repairs.

Investigation and Proof: Crowd Compass reserves the right to investigate claims and require proof of compliance with the warranty terms. Any evidence of breach will terminate the warranty coverage.

Fraudulent Claims

Misrepresentation: Any attempt to make fraudulent claims under the extended warranty will result in immediate termination of the warranty. This includes providing false information, tampering with the product, or attempting to claim coverage for excluded damages.

Legal Action: In cases of fraud, Crowd Compass reserves the right to take legal action to recover costs and damages resulting from the fraudulent activity.



A. Entire Agreement: These terms and conditions and any documents expressly referenced within them represent the entire agreement between Crowd Compass and the customer. This agreement supersedes all previous discussions, correspondence, negotiations, arrangements, understandings, or agreements between us related to the subject matter of this contract.

B. Reliance on Terms: Crowd Compass and the customer acknowledge that, in entering into this contract, neither party relies on any representation or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) not explicitly set forth in these terms and conditions or the documents referred to herein.

C. Liability for Representations: Each party agrees that their sole liability with respect to any representations and warranties set out in these terms and conditions (whether made innocently or negligently) will be for breach of contract.

D. Intention to Rely on Terms: Crowd Compass and the customer intend to rely upon these terms and conditions and any document expressly referred to in them regarding the subject matter of this contract. While Crowd Compass accepts responsibility for statements and representations made by its duly authorized agents, customers should ensure that any variations from these terms and conditions are confirmed in writing.

E. Variation of Terms: Crowd Compass may modify these terms and conditions from time to time, provided that such changes do not materially affect the nature and quality of the warranty. Any such changes will be communicated to the customer as soon as is reasonably practicable.

F. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract, its subject matter, or its formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by the laws of Washington State, USA. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with such contracts or their formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Washington State.



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