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The Crowd Compass Story

From Colton, Chief of Getting Stuff Done:

We're just a couple guys trying to have some fun and enhance the festival experience. Let me tell you our story: 

You’ll never guess how Crowd Compass was created: Chris, our founder, couldn’t find his friends at a music festival!

More specifically, Chris and I were at Shambhala music festival. Chris went off to explore on his own, and then found himself wanting to link back up with our squad.

We were out of reach though. Our phones are rarely checked, and even if we are messaging each other, the overloaded cell towers prevent us from communicating. So the idea was planted: We need a fun device to keep our crew connected without the need for phones or cell service.

Crowd Compass was born

Chris then went on a mission to create prototypes to realize his vision. Fast forward to Shambs 2023, and he had ten prototypes ready for a beta test! And they worked! The feedback from the beta testers, and many others at the festival, was incredibly positive. After the festival, Chris officially asked me to help him bring this invention to the world. I jumped on board, and we’ve since been working together to make them available for this summer.

 Crowd Compass Prototype

Crowd Compass Prototype at Shambhala 2023

We want Crowd Compass to be a fun product that gives back to the community we've come to love over the years. It's a project done with input from ravers, rave moms, rave dads, bassheads, and anyone else who loves to dance and talk to us (sidenote: if you have thoughts or feedback we'd love to hear!)! We're committed to making this a fun device with you and for you, without breaking your bank account - festival tickets are insane enough as is.

So thank you for your interest and support! I'm so excited to bring these to the world, and I hope you have as much fun using them as we did (are) making them!

Much love, 

Colton, aka "Rave Dave"

Rave Dave


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